E-mail Messages

This section allows you to customize the emails that will be automatically sent to the administrator and clients depending upon their action.

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CAUTIONThough we allow the ability to modify these email templates,
do not remove any of the variables already contained within them.

These variables look like this {$request.realname} and {$system.confirmurl} and other similar codes. They are critical to the function of the emails and if removed or modified, they emails will not longer correctly generate specific information necessary for each individual client. When the system sends one of the emails to the user it *will* replace these variable codes with correct information relating to the specific user without any effort at all on your part.

Aceesing the Email Messages Plugin


The first step will be to login to your Control Panel using your administration username and password. You will want to click on the icon that is circled in this image (E-mail Message) in order to view all the users.

Editing a Template

Select the Edit  Icon to view the E-mail Message.

Here you can change the email information that will be sent to client and administrator. The box to the right of the editor provides all the different variables available for use, with an explanation of their function. With these variables you can easily make your automated emails seem personalized. 

Below you will see all the information that is provided in the help box online, plus an example of their uses.


It is our recommendation that you do not remove these variables. Also altering them in anyway will cause them not to function.

Example of an E-mail Message :

Variables Available for Use.

Below is what the Banner ad approved email template looks like prior to being emailed.


This message is to inform you that your banner advertisement for {$system.banner_url} has been approved and activated at {$settings.sitename}.

Thank you for using {$settings.sitename}.

- {$settings.sitename} Administration

Here is what the client receives upon his ad being approved:

James Doe,

This message is to inform you that your  banner advertisement for "James Paint and Body Shop Banner Image" has been approved and activated at Chicago Online.

Thank you for using Chicago Online.

- Chicago Online Administration


By using the different variables to the right you can change the way the email will appear to the client.


Edit the sender name/address, subject, and body for the message.

The following 'control codes' are available; when inserted into a message template, these are replaced with the corresponding user or server information, allowing you to 'personalize' the message.

Site settings: {$settings}

The name and URL to your web site

Your city and state, respectively

Your contact and notification E-mail addresses

Your mailing address

System: {$system}

The current date

Certain pages will also define extra codes under the {$system} category.

Server: {$server}

IP address of remote visitor

Server domain (eg: www.yoursite.com)

URI to current script (eg: /test.php?var=x)

Logged-in user: {$user}

Various user details; self-explanatory.

HTTP request: {$request}

Intended for advanced users. These fields are determined by the page the user is on (specifically, by the POST or GET variables passed to the page).


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