Search Block and Statistics Report
This is a very strong plugin that allows users to search the entire site for something specific using a block you can apply to any page on your site and also offers a report that tells you which words people used to search in your website including all plugin search boxes (ex: site search, real estate, coupons, business, automotive, etc).

What you will learn in this section:
- How to install and apply this plugin to a new page
- How to use the Search Our Site Block
- How to read your Search Report plugin

It is possible your Search plugin has already been installed. If you see an icon called Search in your Admin Control Panel, you can skip this first step.

You will first need to Install the Plug-in, if it is not already installed.

From your Adminsitrators Control Panel, click the Plugins icon. It will look like the one shown to the left. Once you have clicked the icon, you will see a list similar to the one below.

Scroll down until you see the Plugin titled Search and click the [ Install ] link as circled in the image above.

Next you will see a section like the one pictured to the right. Click the Install button to continue.

After clicking the Install button, you should see the following message:

Your final step of the install process is to just click the link you see circled in the image above. This will return you to the Administrators Control Panel. This is one of very few plugins offered that does NOT require you to apply the plugin to a new page because installing the plugin creates instead a block for your use.  

After you have installed the Search plugin, you can return to the Admin Control Panel. You will now be able to see the Search icon in your Administrator's menu. This tells us your plugin was indeed installed successfully.

Search Our Site Block
Your Search Plugin comes with a block that automatically gets installed as part of the plugin that allows users to search the entire site for something specific. The functionality cannot be altered in any way. The block code is protected to keep its functionality in good operating order. The wording and block title also cannot be changed. You can access this block and apply it to any pages you want using the Page Editor's Manage Blocks icon. You can learn more about applying the block (Titled: Search Our Site) in the Page Editor Chapter of this Guide. That is correct. You will now need to move to your Page Editor Plugin to complete this step.

 Search Report
To review your Search Report, click the Search icon in your Administrators Control Panel. When the plugin is first installed, there will be no results for the report to display, so it will look much like the below:

Search History

Popular search terms (ordered by popularity based on hits and last hit date):




Last Hit

Dec 31, 1969

You can just ignore the Last Hit Date Dec 31, 1969, as this means there are no results yet.

This report will list all keywords that have been searched for more than once, and tells you how many times they've been used as well as the plugins in which the search took place. If they were used in a site-wide search option, it'll list the plugin as the "search" plugin. If the user search the Classifieds plugin, it will list "classfieds".

Keyword Plugin Hits Last Hit
advertising search, business, coupons 7 Jan 24, 2007
surfboard classifieds 2 Jan 24, 2007
carpet cleaning coupons, business 4 Jan 24, 2007

The search function will not return results from 'hidden' pages. If you wish a page to be included in the search results you must ensure the page Status is marked "active".  Check your page editor for help with this action.

The search report automatically clears results older than six months so it is always relatively fresh for what is actually being sought by your website users. There is no way to manually purge the results.

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